Testimonials/Impact Stories

“Michelle offers a wonderful program at Firehorse Leadership! She has the amazing ability, knowledge and understanding to create an experience that fosters team building and leadership at work, as well as a unique personal connection for families and self- awareness.”Wanda R.


“Horses enable people to engage in unique experiential and transformative learning opportunities….see more. Nobuko F.


“My daughter has gained so much from being at the summer camp: self-confidence, self esteem, the ability to communicate to others even adults. Her teachers and I have also seen how much she has grown not only in the above things but in leadership roles, team work, friendships and being responsible for herself and her things. My daughter is now able to speak confidently in front of her class. Firehorse camp helped her do this by allowing her to be herself, take her time to become comfortable with others and praising her in her efforts.”Liz B.


We asked Hilary, “What do you feel are the benefits of this program being facilitated in partnership with Sarah Parks Horsemanship?” She replied, “Truthfully I signed them up because I trust Sarah Parks as a friend and on her name alone I trust that the collaboration would be great, if she’s in – I trust that.”Hilary L.


“Of my 3 children, 2 are very shy and have always been, we’ve tried T-Ball, soccer, archery, air rifle, art classes and anything else the kids show any interest in.  This was by far the activity/program that brought out all of their personalities with ease.  Both my husband and I knew after day 1 that the kids loved the program and we had no worries.  They not only enjoyed the ‘fun’ stuff, but also committed to the chores (which is a big deal).  When we went and picked them up they were all talking and playing and clearly enjoyed their day.  We noticed a sense of confidence and calm in them that was refreshing. On the way home, our daughter would give me a detailed description of what they had done and basically taught me things I did not know about horses and how to care for them. During the last day presentation I was in tears because one of our daughters had yet to speak in front of anyone and always had trouble with any form of public speaking; there she was on a horse talking in front of a barn full of people.  I could not have been prouder. For our son the big accomplishment was that he was happy. He is our glass half empty boy and he left every day with his only complaint being something his sisters did!! When he wanted to sign up for after school classes we knew we had a winner. Success! The entire program was awesome and gave the kids such a great opportunity to meet and interact with other kids while learning a confidence building skill from amazingly patient and fun people.  Thank You, see you again soon! “Anonymous.


We asked L.Brown to share the 3 things she liked most about our Leadership is Horsemanship Summer Day Camp Program and she replied, ” I liked how each child was involved, and not left out in any way. Even though my daughter was more shy then some of the other kids, the volunteers, staff and other children made sure she was involved. I liked how organized it was. Having camp organized made it easier to drop off and pick up my daughter, along with knowing what to bring etc. The Show- on the last day I loved having the chance to see my daughter be so proud of herself and show myself and all the others what she had experienced and was taught.”L.Brown

“For sure Genna has developed a lot more confidence. She would sometimes not say much, almost shy, but one day I watched her giving advice to another girl who was a little bit nervous about the ponies and reassuring her. Sarah (of Sarah Parks Horsemanship) has showed them that everyone or pony is different and responds in different ways, sometimes you need a little bit more patience and approach things from a different angle for your pony friend to understand want you are asking them to do. I think this has made Genna a much more patient person.

Sarah Parks is a very kind person. To have great horsemanship you need to have an abundance of patience and understanding. Sarah teaches these skills to  the kids through the horses.  Building a relationship with the pony is what will get you the results you are wanting. Understanding why a horse or pony is acting a certain way is often more important. In life not every situation is black and white, just like with the ponies. Genna and the others are learning to  be able to solve the problems and approaoch with positive attitudes. Watching the eyes of a child light up when the ponies “join” up with them is invaluable.”Erica

“This program is the best thing that has happened to our son-it is wonderful, and the joy on his face cannot be forgotten-great, organization, everyone is terrific including Michelle, and all her Team. Sara Parks is a wonderful place to have it. Thanks to everyone involved Please Please do a program for age 13!!”C&K McKeen