Youth (17 and younger) Rider Registration & Waiver Form

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Please read the following Riding Agreement(section 1) and Youth Release of Liability(section 2)and agree below before submitting your application form.


Lesson Policy Standard:
•The term “Lesson” herein shall refer to handling, ground work, tack adjustments, riding and/or driving a horse or pony for the purpose of education.
•The riding instructor has the responsibility of safety for riders, volunteers, and horses at all times and therefore has the right to adjust lesson outlines when safety is a concern. (Example: the lesson could also include barn management, types of tack, cleaning tack, parts of the horse, and other educative activities).
•The riding instructor reserves the right to withdraw a student for safety or behavioural reasons with no refund.
•I understand that it is my responsibility to inform the riding instructor immediately of any new medical or physical problems which may impact my safety or ability to perform correctly during my scheduled riding lesson.
•All parents, family members and guests must stay outside of the arena/corral at all times.
•Pets are not allowed at the ranch with the exception of Service Dogs.
•No hand feeding of treats. Students are welcome to bring a treat for their horse or pony (ex. apple, carrot), however we ask that you feed the treat from a bucket following your lesson.

Riding Attire:
•Boots or shoes with a heel are recommended. Rain boots or runners are acceptable, however if they lack a proper walking heel, for safety purposes, they will not be allowed to canter or jump.
•Absolutely no open-toed shoes are to be worn at any time.
•Long pants or sweat pants are acceptable to wear but we do not advise wearing nylon or slippery pants. Riding in shorts is not permitted.
•Riding helmets can be supplied, however riders may also bring their own ASTM approved equestrian helmet.

Late Arrivals:
•Lesson times are planned and it is very important that students arrive on time.
•Students arriving more than 15 minutes late may not be permitted to ride as it may be too disruptive to the class and may not allow for adequate warm up time. Discretion for inclusion of a late student is left with the individual riding instructor, unless prior arrangements have been made.
•Students who are late and unable to participate on horseback are encouraged to stay and watch and learn. No makeup will be given.
•Understand that a late arrival does not change the lesson end time and it will remain the same as scheduled.

Lesson Billing:
•Riding lessons are to be paid monthly at the beginning of each session, minimum packages of 4 lessons paid in full prior to the start of each session.
•Students will not be allowed to ride without payment in advance
•Cancellations with less than 24 hour notice will be charged the full lesson fee with no refund given with the exception that the Coordinator cancels a lesson due to inclement weather.
•Introductory and “one time” sessions can be arranged through the Coordinator

Riding Lesson Cancellation and Makeup Policy:
1.All approved makeup lessons and refunds will be at the discretion of the Coordinator and Owner.
2.At least twenty four (24) hour notice must be given when cancelling a lesson in order to be eligible for a makeup lesson unless approved by the Coordinator or Owner.
3.No refunds will be given for missed lessons or pre-booked camps or packages unless approved by the Coordinator or Owner.
4.Makeup lessons must be scheduled within 30 days of the original lesson.
5.Makeup classes cannot be rescheduled unless canceled due to inclement weather.
6.All attempts will be made to accommodate a makeup lesson; however, if you are unable to attend any of the available times, the lesson will be forfeited. No refunds will be given.
7.Makeup lessons may be scheduled before the missed lesson.

I, the rider, hereby declare that I have read and fully understand and agree to the rules and policies as a condition of riding at Sarah Parks Horsemanship.

I, the parent (guardian) of this rider, acknowledge that I have read and fully understand and agree to the rules and policies as a condition of riding at Sarah Parks Horsemanship on behalf of, this rider, and myself.


To SARAH PARKS HORSEMANSHIP, their directors, employees, officers, volunteers, business operators, and site property owners. (all of them collectively called the HOST)

Initial (check box) each item below After Reading and Understanding the item:

I am the Parent and/or Legal Guardian of the infant Participant named above and am executing this form on behalf of the infant Participant in my capacity as parent and/or guardian and with the intent that this form be binding on myself and infant Participant for all legal purposes.

I Understand there are Inherent DANGERS, HAZARDS and RISKS, (collectively called RISKS) associated with Equine Activities and injuries resulting from these “RISKS” are a common occurrence.

I Acknowledge that the Inherent “RISKS” of Equine Activities mean those DANGEROUS conditions which are an integral part of Equine Activities, including but not limited to:
• The propensity of any equine to behave in ways that might result in injury, harm or death to persons on or around them and to potentially collide with, bite or kick other animals, people, or objects.
• The unpredictability of an equine’s reaction to such things as sounds, sudden movement, tremors, vibrations, unfamiliar objects, persons or other animals and hazards such as subsurface objects.
• The potential for other participant (s) to act in a negligent manner that might contribute to injury to themselves or others, such as failing to act within their ability or to maintain control over an equine.

I Freely Accept and Fully Assume All Responsibility for the Inherent “RISKS” and the possibility of personal injury, death, property damage or loss which might result from the infant being a Participant.

I Acknowledge that it remains my Sole Responsibility for the safety of the infant Participant and for the infant to Participate within his/her own limits.

In addition to consideration given for the infant to Participate in Equine Activity, I and my heirs, executors, administrators and assigns (collectively called my “Legal Representatives”) agree:
• To Waive All Claims that I or the infant Participant might have against the “HOST”; and
• To Release the “HOST” from Any and All Liability for any loss, damages, injury, or expense that I, the infant Participant or our “Legal Representatives” might suffer as a result of the infant’s Participation due to any cause including any NEGLIGENCE ON THE PART OF THE “HOST”; and
• To HOLD HARMLESS AND INDEMNIFY THE “HOST” from any and all liability for property damage or personal injury to the infant Participant or to any third party which might result from the infant’s Participation.

Before checking the "I agree" box on this form, I read it (as indicated by my checked boxes above) and I stated I understand it. I know that checking the "I agree" box on this form, waives certain legal rights I and/or the infant Participant and/or our “Legal Representatives” might have against the “HOST”.

Do Not Sign until you Understand All Items Above.

Rider Participant Signature:

Guardian Signature: