How you can help!

Firehorse embraces the opportunity to work with local businesses, community organizations, and individuals who are passionate about investing in our future leaders. By sharing your time, talents, or community resources you will help us leave a legacy of leadership that will impact many young people and the generations who follow them. Join in Firehorse’s promotion and advertising strategies, community fundraising initiatives, collaborative achievements and together we will leave our mark on the future.

We appreciate your support!

Your donation to Firehorse will support us in our mission to develop future leaders, create learning opportunities for people of all ages and offer a unique life experience that comes from being in the presence of horses. We value community support, partnerships and collaboration. Your valued sponsorship can help us break down financial barriers to make these programs accessible for the young people who need them the most.

There are many ways to show your community support for Firehorse. You or your business may choose to:

  • make a cash donation of any amount
  • sponsor a child’s program registration
  • sponsor an awareness project
  • donate program equipment from our wish list

We invite you to contact Michelle Stein at 519-796-3929 for more information.