Keepers of the Flame

Keeper of the FlameAt Firehorse Leadership Organization, we honour our leaders as Keepers of the Flame who provide a safe and non-judgemental learning environment for themselves, fellow leaders, program participants and horses. The flame represents the essence of what leadership is; self-awareness, self-esteem cognitive insight, emotional intelligence, positive relationships, teamwork, responsibility, confidence, energy and passion. It represents the spirit of the horse who is willing to engage with us, guide us and start a fire within us. Everyone has the natural ability to be a leader. Within each of us lies a spark, waiting to burst into a beautiful flame of leadership, leaping and twirling, inspired by those who have taken a purposeful moment to lift us higher and encourage our flame to burn brighter. As Keepers of the Flame, it is our responsibility to ignite and nurture our own authentic flames as well as the flames in the people we connect with on a daily basis whether for a brief moment or a prolonged opportunity.

Top 5 reasons to be a Keeper of the Flame

  1. Being a leader allows you to meet new people and make new friends! We can’t wait to meet you and introduce you to our horses and ponies as well as Tubs and Cedrick.
  2. Being a leader at the ranch allows you to connect with nature! You can spend time with your animal friends, work in the community garden, listen to the songs of the wind and the birds, enjoy the generous shade trees and simply appreciate the beauty around you.
  3. Being a leader is healthy for your body. We spend a lot of time sitting at desks, sitting in vehicles and sitting in front of TVs. We want you to stand up, stretch and join us at the ranch for some outdoor exercise and fun!
  4. Being a leader is healthy for your mind and spirit. A direct result of helping people is simply feeling great. It allows us to see and experience the world as a beautiful network of people helping people. Our rewards are found inward: self-confidence, self-esteem, positive outlook on life and feelings of gratitude.
  5. Being a leader will build your leadership, teamwork, social and communication skills.
Are you 14 years or older and interested in supporting Firehorse Leadership Organization with your talents (something everyone has) and your time? No horse experience is necessary and various leadership positions are available. For more information, we invite you to connect with Michelle Stein at 519-796-3929.We are looking forward to hearing from you!