Firehorse Leadership Organization was created in February of 2013. It is a strong, organic organization that was developed by parents, professionals, and community members who have evidenced all of the benefits of partnering people with horses.

Michelle Stein, Founder of Firehorse Leadership Organization offers over 28 years of experience working with children, youth, families, and community in the capacity of program development, family service, consultation and support services, volunteer management, and leadership development.

Michelle is passionate about the spirit of horses and people. Her honour for horses has been passed on to her through generations of her family and the companionship of her own horses for over 20 years. She is a Certified Equine Guided Educator; successful graduate of the renowned program of Skyhorse Ranch which is accredited by the Equine Guided Education Association (EGEA). She is also certified in Volunteer Resource Management and Developmental Support Services and is the consultant and owner of Optimum Support Service since 1995.


Our Equine Guided Education sessions are available by appointment days, evening and weekends. Experience the magic of the horse/human bond during a tailored EGE session where our horses will guide you along your journey of self-awareness as the horses mirror your emotions and provide you with cognitive insights about yourself as well as your relationships with others. This unique opportunity allows you to experience horses in a new way, as part of the herd, as you develop a guide/listener relationship with the horse where you are the listener. This is an opportunity that allows you to escape the business of life and be still as you learn about leadership and life.


Firehorse values its partnership with ACCESS County Community Support Services as well as its relationships with businesses and community members who support our mission through sponsorships and donations all of which help us to break down the financial barriers that may prevent youth and families from accessing our integral programs that build capacity in people lives.


Firehorse Leadership Organization endorses Sarah Parks Horsemanship and together they have ignited a powerful partnership that delivers youth leadership development programs aimed to spark personal development through the art of horsemanship. Together they share the goal of making a difference in as many lives as possible by providing opportunities for people to experience the magic of the horse/human bond. The wonders of what a horse has done for a person’s self-esteem, integrity and character has been witnessed time and again.


Sarah Parks Horsemanship (SPH) is owned and operated by Sarah Parks who is a Certified Horsemanship Association Accredited Instructor in both English & Western riding disciplines with over 20 years of experience. Sarah shares her passion for horses with her students; honoring that the trust and bond developed between horse and human champions the greatest accomplishment of all. Her riding programs focus on building self-confidence, solid horsemanship principles and developing the leader in us all. She prides her facility for being a place where confidence grows, friendships flourish, and self-doubt and judgment disappear.

An avid rider from a young age, Sarah is a two time American Quarter Horse Association World Champion Qualifier and winner of two National Championship titles at The All American Quarter Horse Congress, the world's largest horse show. Her passion for training horses and teaching people has led her to apprentice with some of the nation's most accomplished equestrians, completing internships in California, Texas, Florida, and Oklahoma to name a few.

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