2015 Emerging Leaders Youth Program Gallery – what we have been up to!

We have now completed 4 of our 10 learning days which includes our May 8th Kick Off ceremony where we recognized our Emerging Leaders for their leadership achievements and as ambassadors for our Emerging Leaders Youth Program. During our celebrations, our young leaders were presented with cowboy hats, Emerging Leaders T-shirts, their very own business cards as well as a Certificate of Recognition, endorsed by Leadership Windsor/Essex and presented by Becky Parent (Executive Director of Leadership Windsor/Essex), for demonstrating outstanding leadership. It was an evening of support as family members, community and staff cheered our participants on as they Kicked Off the practicum hour portion of the program. We have a great season of programs, events, leadership and horsemanship to look forward to this year!

We appreciate our guest “Ranch Moms” who prepared delicious meals for us on our learning days. We welcomed Penny Stein on our second learning day who cooked us amazing personal pizzas and Anita Goegebeur on our third who made us unforgettable chili over an open fire! We are so thankful for Penny and Anita for donating their time and energy to support our Emerging Leaders Youth Program.

On our third learning day, we were delighted to have Becky Parent from Leadership Windsor/Essex participate in the morning hours of our day. She inspired our team with words of leadership and presented each one of our Emerging Leaders with their very own Leadership Windsor/Essex pin.

Below are some pictures that show our Emerging Leaders learning as a team with each other and with their equine friends! Every learning day is an opportunity for our youth to reach individual, leadership and horsemanship goals.

We have taken many pics of all of our Emerging Leaders however, due to a tech issue, quite a few were over exposed. More great photos of our team to come!

Learning Days